Tiara Smith is an artistic, multi-talented nail technician who has embraced techniques from around the globe; Tiara continues to set the bar in full service customized nail care. From natural nail treatment to innovative acrylic, Tiara has the ability to deliver whatever the mind can imagine.
Born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Tiara learned the dynamics and nuances behind artistic expression. Tiara was reared in an environment that appreciated and cultivated self indulgence and the importance of “personal imagery.”
A personal experience with nails in the 9th grade couple with a slight push from a close relative and a strong acquaintance convinced Tiara to start her quest for nail innovation. Tiara’s passion for the Arts, realistic drawing, sculpture and the study of forensics played a key role in her development.

Education & Experience

Tiara graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a BA in Media Arts and Animation and later apprenticed under the owner of Yummy Nails Studio from Harlem, New York who had over 25 years of experience. Here is where Tiara sharpened her skills for approximately 2 years and obtained her Nail Tech license for the state of Georgia complementing her already obtained Florida license. After working under yet another 20 year veteran, Tiara decided to branch out on her own. Tiara set out to acquire new clientele and gain greater experience within the Atlanta area. Tiara has extensive experience in the following salons:

Tips 2 Toes Nail Salon
Lisa’s Hair Studio
Spellbound Nailz
Envy’s Pretty Party
Attitudes by Moe! Hair Studio
Club Kiss Salon
Luxe Nail Bar Atlanta

Mission Statement

Tiara’s style of work focuses on contemporary trends, global concepts, as well as international designs. Tiaras methodology is research based and incorporates components from the Art Schools she has attended. Tiara has an un-canning ability to sketch and draw, has an extensive understanding of color and the imagination to create masterpieces that express your personal style.
Tiara has plans to create her own nail polish line and is determined to promote healthy nails by providing in-depth nail consultation while conveying the benefits of proper nail care. Tiara’s goal is to inform clients and provide empowering information because to her, nails are a Fashion Statement!